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As arborists, the team at Toronto Tree Experts is here for you, especially in your a time of need. We know that living in Canada the weather can be unpredictable and that's why we provide emergency tree care and clean up caused by storm and wind damage.

Damage can easily occur during any type of severe weather condition where changing conditions can put stress on trees. In summer, soil can be dry or very water saturated causing the roots to lift, and branches to droop and weaken from the wetness. High winds can blow and detach branches from the tree, and have them fall to the ground, or even uproot a weak tree altogether. With our Canadian climate, we cannot forget about the effects of snowfall and ice. The heavy weight of snow and ice can damage branches and disrupt the tree's composure when the weight gets too much

Wind & Storm Damage

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Your property is covered up to $2,000,000



Arborist work can be dangerous for both people and their property.


Local By-Laws

Our trained arborists will guide you through proper compliance.


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